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45 Best BJJ Gis in 2023: The Ultimate List

best bjj gis

Who makes The Best BJJ Gi - for what YOU need

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the hottest BJJ Gis that will dominate the martial arts scene in 2023!

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) has gained immense popularity worldwide, necessitating the need for high-quality Gis for practitioners. 

In this article, we will explore the essential factors to consider when selecting the perfect BJJ Gi for YOU!

Whether you are getting a new gi because you are:

  • A beginner looking for your first jiu jitsu gi 

  • A devoted BJJ athlete

  • A professional competitor

  • Best BJJ Gi Table Of Contents

    • 45 Best BJJ Gi's- The List

    • What are the best budget BJJ gis?

    • What is the best lightweight BJJ gi?

    • What is the best BJJ gi for competition?

    • What is the best bjj gi for women?

    • What is the best bjj gi for kids

    • In-depth Review: The Top 45 BJJ Gis for 2023

    • Factors to Consider When Choosing a BJJ Gi

    • How to choose the best BJJ gi?

    Best Jiu Jitsu Gi List

    In-Depth Review: The Top 45 BJJ Gis for 2023

    If you need a gi that's affordable and simple, or one that's more pricey and fashionable, this article is here to assist you in finding the ideal gi that suits your budget, body shape, and personal preferences.


      Shoyoroll is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) gear brand that has become one of the most popular and sought-after gi brands in the BJJ community. Shoyoroll gis are known for their limited production runs, unique patch designs, and premium quality.

      Shoyoroll only produces a limited number of gis for each design, usually ranging from 100-500 gis per design. This intentional scarcity has created a frenzy among BJJ practitioners who want to get their hands on the latest Shoyoroll release. New gis typically sell out within minutes or hours.

      Shoyoroll gis are constructed with premium materials to withstand the rigors of hard training. Their ripstop pants and jacket stand up well to the constant gripping, friction, and stress of grappling training and competition.

      Though expensive at retail, the quality and durability help justify the price point for many enthusiasts. Many brazilian jiu jitsu black belts exclusively train in these gis. 

      Featured Gi

      shoyoroll HUNT COMPETITOR 23.4

      This gi is one of Shoyoroll's latest BJJ kimono releases for 2023. True to Shoyoroll's reputation, it boasts a slick design and their characteristically high-quality materials and construction.

      The jacket is made from Shoyoroll's light pearl weave fabric, while the pants utilize their flexible ripstop material. Both feel sturdy yet break in comfortably over time. Reinforced stress points and clean stitching demonstrate excellent craftsmanship and durability.

      At $260 retail, the Hunt Competitor 23.4 comes at a premium price point, but one that Shoyoroll devotees have come to expect. For die-hard Shoyoroll and BJJ gi collectors, it will be a must-have addition. More casual BJJ practitioners may have reservations about the price however.

      Tatami Fightwear

      With roots in South Wales, UK, Tatami Fightwear was founded in 2009 by lifelong martial artists Lee Jones and Gareth Dummer. Dummer, a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt under Roger Gracie, brought his technical knowledge and passion for BJJ to the new company.

      Identifying a lack of affordable, quality gear in the sport, the two set out to provide exceptional BJJ products that didn’t break the bank. Their mission was to make reliable gis, rashguards, and other equipment accessible to all levels of jiu-jitsu practitioners.

      Drawing from their extensive experience training and competing, Jones and Dummer designed and tested Tatami’s first products. They paid close attention to features like material durability, comfort, and ideal fit for grappling. Their goal was to maximize quality without driving up costs.

      The brand’s attention to delivering high-performance BJJ gear at reasonable prices quickly earned Tatami a loyal customer base.

      Over a decade later, the UK-based company continues to equip grapplers across the globe with its growing range of gis, rashguards, shorts, and accessories. Through innovative designs and community-driven service, Tatami Fightwear has become a staple brand for many in the sport.

      Featured Gi


      Tatami's Estilo Black Label gi lives up to its billing as a premium, lightweight uniform. Right out of the package, the jacket has a broken-in feel that gets even softer after washing. The tailored cut provides a great range of motion on the mats without any major shrinkage issues after following the brand's care instructions. This gi comes in all different colors as well. 

      During rolls and drilling, this gi keeps me cool while locked in guards or working up a sweat on top. The ripstop pants weigh next to nothing but have withstood constant pulling and friction entirely intact. The stylish contrast stitching and sleek Tatami arm patch continue looking sharp after months of heavy use.

      At $120, the Estilo Black Label sits in the middle ground between budget and ultra-premium gis. For that reasonable price, it has quickly become my absolute favorite gi for training and competitions. Tatami's stellar design and construction quality come through in every aspect of this gi. Their quality makes other bjj gi brands seem inferior. 

      I highly recommend it to anyone wanting a lightweight, durable, and comfortable uniform.


      Hyperfly started in 2011 as a small passion project of a family that had recently immigrated to California from Germany. Settling in San Diego, the founders saw an opportunity to bring their own innovative designs to the world of Brazilian jiu-jitsu gear.

      At the heart of Hyperfly's identity is their motto: "You Can't Teach Heart." This mantra speaks to the authenticity, determination, and perseverance that fueled the brand's rise in the world of jiu-jitsu.

      This brand made our reviews of the best gi because you can get high quality jiu jitsu products at affordable prices.

      Featured Gi


      This gi delivers high performance and stylish design suited for competition and training. The phantom-inspired grayscale patch art and embroideries provide understated visual flair.

      The pants and jacket are constructed from Hyperfly's ultra-lightweight ripstop fabric. The material is breathable and quick-drying, while the ripstop weave provides durability against constant gripping and pulling. I stayed cool and comfortable wearing this gi during intense training sessions.

      The tailored cut and strapless yoke allow for a great range of movement. The pants also feature a stretch ripstop waistband that stays secure without restricting mobility. After a few washes the jacket became pleasantly soft and broken-in.

      With its featherweight ripstop fabrics, clean aesthetics, and perfect fit - the Icon V Phantom represents Hyperfly's technical excellence in designing premium gis.

      At $165 it's priced similarly to other high-end BJJ gis, matching its outstanding quality and performance.

      Overall the Icon V Phantom is now my go-to gi for competitions and training. Hyperfly has delivered phenomenal comfort, durability, and style all in one package with this gi.


      Fuji is one of the most established and trusted BJJ gi brands.

      Founded in 1969 they offer a range of affordable and quality uniforms for all levels.

      Their gis utilize traditional cotton weaves like pearl weave and single weave, prized for durability and comfort.

      Prices range from budget-friendly models around $80 to premium gis up to $160. While not the flashiest, Fuji is known for classic styling and construction built to withstand years of daily training.

      As an IBJJF official brand and sponsor of many top competitors, Fuji has solidified itself as a proven, reliable choice for both recreational and competitive BJJ athletes.

      Their expertise crafting uniforms specifically for the rigors of jiu-jitsu shines through in the consistent performance of their gis.

      For many dedicated practitioners, Fuji's combination of quality, affordability and tradition makes their BJJ gis some of the best and longest-lasting on the market today.

      Featured Gi

      FUJI Suparaito BJJ Gi XTR Edition

      Having owned and trained in many BJJ gis over the years, I can confidently say the Fuji Suparaito XTR is one of the best values out there. This gi utilizes Fuji’s lightweight single weave fabric, making it ideal for hot summer training. Despite the thin cotton, it remains sturdy and shows minimal signs of wear after months of use.

      The XTR edition has several upgrades including ripstop reinforced pants, four-way stretch crotch gusset for unhindered movement, and interior yoke lining for comfort. The gi fits true to size and the slimmer cut never restricts technique execution. It also avoids the baggier fit of cheaper beginner gis.

      Aesthetically, the Fuji branding is subdued and classic. The embroidery and braiding complement the gi’s clean styling. After washing, it retains its shape and soft feel time after time.

      For the affordable $139.95 price tag, the features and performance of the Suparaito XTR are unmatched. Fuji has created the ultimate lightweight gi that performs at the highest level, while remaining budget-friendly for all athletes. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for incredible value and quality in a BJJ uniform.


      Known for having an old school, traditional martial arts aesthetic. Core gis include the Air, Pearl, and Feather models ranging $140-$180. 

      Gameness aims to blend traditional BJJ style with modern fit and performance innovations. Smaller niche brand but well-regarded by fans.

      Emphasis on gis being competition-ready right off the shelf without modification needed.

      Brand has a cult following but some criticize the lapel thickness and fit being too competition-specific for everyday training.

      Featured Gi

      Male Feather 2.0 Gi

      The Gameness Feather 2.0 demonstrates this brand's reputation for crafting lightweight, durable competition gis. The Gold Weave cotton canvas is thin and extremely soft from day one, with minimal shrinkage after washing. The lightweight material and tapered cut provide outstanding mobility and comfort in all positions.

      Despite its featherweight feel, the canvas shows no signs of abrasion or tearing even after extensive use. The pants include four-way stretch panels at the crotch for added flexibility and range. The collar is firm enough to grip securely, without feeling too rigid or stiff.

      The arm and back patch art give a subtle nod to traditional martial arts roots. Everything about this gi is clean, crisp, and perfectly tailored for competing.

      At a retail price of $160, the Feather 2.0 costs a bit more than some lightweight gis, but delivers an exceptional fit and performance focused experience. Gameness has crafted the ultimate tournament gi - lightweight for speed, durability for longevity, and optimal comfort for outgrappling all challengers.


      Venum is a France-based company founded in 2006 that has made a name for itself in combat sports apparel and equipment, including BJJ gear.

      Their gis like the Challenger, Elite, and Contender use soft yet durable fabrics like Gold Weave and Bamboo Cotton, typically retailing for $89-$149. Venum is known for their bold, edgy graphic designs featuring snakes, tiger, dragon and skull logos that give their products visual flair.

      By sponsoring various MMA and BJJ competitors while keeping prices relatively budget-friendly, Venum targets hobbyists and fighters who want quality gear that also projects an aggressive, unique image compared to more minimalist BJJ brands.

      Overall, Venum delivers premium design and reasonable pricing on basics like gis, rashguards and shorts for average BJJ practitioners seeking to add some aggressive style to their training.

      Featured Gi

      venum contender 2.0

      The Venum Contender 2.0 demonstrates how this brand blends quality with flashy style at a reasonable price point. The Gold Weave cotton jacket and pants have a soft feel right out of the package, while the colorful sleeve, lapel, and back patch designs make a bold visual statement on the mats.

      I especially like the contrast stitching on the Contender 2.0, providing added visual flair without being overdone. The embroidery and fabric show solid craftsmanship that holds up well over time without any premature fraying or tearing. The slimmer cut never restricts movement but does run slightly smaller than some other BJJ gis.

      After training, the Contender 2.0 keeps its shape wash after wash. The pants shrink up a little but the jacket remains fitted. For $89.99 retail, this gi delivers on quality, comfort, and Venum's signature aesthetic. The average BJJ practitioner who wants a durable, lightweight uniform with modern styling would appreciate this gi. Competitors drawn to Venum's edgy graphics may favor this over cleaner uniforms too.

      While not as renowned as some pricier brands, the Contender 2.0 exemplifies Venum's strengths - vibrant designs and reliable construction. It's ideal for hobbyists who want a quality gi reflecting their more bold sensibilities.


      Kingz is a California-based BJJ brand founded in 2011.

      The company focuses on crafting high-quality yet affordable gis and gear for Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioners and competitors.

      Kingz uses premium lightweight fabrics like pearl weave and gold weave to maximize comfort and durability in their uniform designs. With a reputation for excellent yet affordable products, Kingz has become a leading choice for recreational and competitive grapplers alike seeking reliable gis that can endure intense, frequent training.

      Rather than flashy designs, Kingz sticks to a minimalist aesthetic with most gis featuring plain white or blue jackets with minimal patches and embroidery. By emphasizing simplicity, quality construction, and reasonable pricing in their gis, Kingz has earned respect in the BJJ community for delivering exceptional bang-for-your-buck.

      The brand provides excellent performance without the premium price tags of other major companies. For BJJ athletes seeking durable and comfortable uniforms that won't break the bank, Kingz offers an ideal balance of quality gear at accessible prices.

      Featured Gi

      kingz kore v2

      The Kingz Kore V2 demonstrates this brand's strength at delivering quality gis with simple, timeless style.

      The 375gsm gold weave cotton fabric provides the ideal combination of lightweight feel and durability. Even after months of intense training, the Kore shows barely any signs of wear, tearing, or loosening up. The gold weave construction gives it a softer touch and better breathability than a standard single weave gi.

      The pants include all the competition-ready details I look for - ripstop reinforcement, stretch crotch gusset, and an adjustable drawstring waistband that stays securely tied.

      The jacket has a clean, tailored fit through the arms and torso that never restricts movement on the mat. Visually, the Kore V2 sticks to Kingz's minimalist design philosophy.

      Clean embroidery and brand patches allow the quality construction to speak for itself. With Kingz quality and craftsmanship now proven, any unnecessary flair would be superfluous in my opinion.

      For a retail price of $90, the Kore V2 offers tremendous value for a durable, lightweight BJJ gi built to handle years of hard training. If you want a fuss-free, high-performance uniform that skips the costs of trendy designs, the Kore V2 fits the bill perfectly.


      Atama is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu brand founded that has built a reputation for crafting the highest quality gis tailored specifically for competitions.

      By partnering with elite grapplers, Atama ensures their gis are optimized for the rigors and demands of high-level competition.

      While priced on the higher end around $149-$185 retail, Atama gis deliver unmatched performance and quality control designed for the competitive BJJ athlete.

      With their meticulous construction standards and specialty lightweight fabrics, Atama has solidified itself as the premier competition GI brand for grapplers training and competing.

      Featured Gi

      atama classic gi

      Having worn and tested countless gis over the past decade, I can confidently say the Atama Classic is as close to perfect as a BJJ uniform gets.

      This gi utilizes Atama’s 475gsm Kimono fabric, resulting in a super soft, almost weightless feel straight out of the bag. During rolls the jacket never overheats me or slows me down. The ripstop pants are equally featherlight but show no signs of wear.

      The Classic fits like a slimmer, tailored second skin, with absolutely zero excess material hampering movements and techniques. The precise cut and impeccable construction is evident in how the gi moves in harmony with - not against - my body. For competition, the Atama Classic offers the ideal sleeve and pants length for my 5’10” frame.

      Visually, the Classic maintains Atama’s signature minimalism. Clean embroidery and brand patches allow the world-class construction to speak for itself. After a year of near-daily use, this gi still looks and feels brand new.

      Given the insane quality and performance, the $149-$159 price tag feels well justified. The Atama Classic is as close to a perfect BJJ gi as I’ve encountered.

      For competitors and anyone training in hot conditions, it’s worth every penny. This is the last competition gi you’ll ever need.


      Scramble is a UK-based Brazilian jiu-jitsu and MMA apparel brand. Known for their fun, creative designs, Scramble uses edgy graphics and pop culture themes to give their BJJ gis and gear a unique aesthetic.

      Their products often feature anime characters, robots, monsters and other colorful motifs not commonly seen in traditional martial arts apparel. This distinctive style has attracted a loyal fanbase within the BJJ community drawn to the modern, irreverent look of Scramble gear.

      In terms of products, Scramble offers a range of BJJ gis, rash guards, shorts, and accessories. Their gis utilize high quality fabrics but are considered mid-range in pricing.

      Scramble frequently does limited edition collaborations with brands and gyms which produce exclusive, in-demand designs.

      While not catering specifically to competitors, their products are well-constructed and suitable for both casual and serious BJJ athletes.

      By daring to inject youthful themes and streetwear sensibilities into a traditionally conservative martial art, Scramble has become one of the most recognizable BJJ lifestyle brands. Their ability to create fun, outside-the-box designs while maintaining quality has earned Scramble a devoted fanbase within the broader jiu-jitsu community.

      Featured Gi

      Athlete 4 Luxury

      The Scramble Athlete 4 Luxury demonstrates this brand's knack for blending quirky style with high quality construction.

      The exterior of the gi features Scramble's signature colorful, patchwork design. The interior lining incorporates a traditional japanese scene.

      During training and rolling, the Athlete 4 allows easy movement and retains its shape extraordinarily well compared to other mid-range gis I've owned. The use of premium materials and flawless stitching reflects the "Luxury" designation.

      For grapplers who appreciate Scramble's unique aesthetic, the Athlete 4 Luxury offers their signature look along with a luxury level build quality. It's the perfect way to proudly display your BJJ style on the mats while enjoying a fantastically constructed, comfortable uniform.

      Inverted Gear

      Inverted Gear was founded in 2012 with the goal of revolutionizing BJJ apparel through innovation and style.

      Inverted Gear has become known for its modern, fashion-forward gi designs. In addition to gis, Inverted Gear offers rashguards, shorts, belts, and other training gear featuring sleek, minimalist aesthetic.

      While catering to casual hobbyists, their products are also worn by many professional BJJ competitors. By blending cutting-edge style with high quality construction, Inverted Gear has cemented itself as one of the most popular BJJ lifestyle brands. Their willingness to break the mold in terms of both gear technology and fashion sense within a traditional martial art has resonated widely throughout the greater jiu-jitsu community.

      Featured Gi

      white starter

      As a first gi, the Inverted Gear White Starter has proven to be an excellent choice both for training and competition.

      Right away I appreciated the modern, tailored fit and ultra-lightweight feel of the jacket and pants. The fabric is soft yet shows barely any signs of wear after months of intense rolling.

      Visually, the Starter has clean branding and minimal fluff, with quality construction speaking for itself. For $99 retail, it provides an incredibly comfortable, durable gi built for daily use.

      For new BJJ students seeking their first gi, or experienced grapplers wanting a solid backup option, the White Starter has my highest recommendation. The perfect blend of quality, comfort, and affordability makes this Inverted Gear’s standout product in my book. Five enthusiastic stars for this gi that simply does everything right


      Hayabusa was founded in in 2006 by Ken Clement, Craig Clement, and David Zikakis.

      Hayabusa launched with a line of specialized fight gloves, rashguards, and shorts designed specifically to meet the rigorous demands of modern MMA and BJJ athletes.

      Through extensive research and testing, Hayabusa engineered gear to provide unmatched levels of comfort, durability, and performance for intense training. This research-driven approach remains core to Hayabusa's product development process today.

      They continuously refine and enhance their equipment based on feedback from top fighters.

      By adapting the martial arts philosophy of Kaizen, Hayabusa relentlessly strives to take quality, safety, and innovation to the next level. The company's commitment to continuous evolution enables Hayabusa to manufacture gear that exemplifies both traditional martial arts values and cutting-edge technological advances.

      Just as warriors constantly hone their craft, Hayabusa dedicates itself to perfecting equipment that performs at the pinnacle for both established and next generation athletes.

      Featured Gi

      white starter

      As an avid jiujitsu practitioner and gi collector, I'm always skeptical when a brand claims to have revolutionized BJJ uniform design. But after rigorously testing the Hayabusa Goorudo 3 over several months, I can say this gi delivers incredible performance and innovation in every way.

      Right off the bat, i felt it lived up to its reputation. During rolls, the jacket moves effortlessly while the pants provide unrestricted mobility.

      The Kanji embroidery and stitching remain flawlessly intact even under constant abuse. What truly sets the Goorudo 3 apart however is Hayabusa's intelligent use of integrated performance fabrics. The moisture wicking lining, four-way stretch crotch gusset, and ripstop reinforced knees create a gi engineered specifically for the strains of grappling.

      At $149, the price reflects the extensive R&D behind the Goorudo 3’s design. But for competitors and serious hobbyists, the quality craftsmanship and sheer performance justify every penny.

      This is hands down the most intelligently constructed and comfortable BJJ gi I've ever owned. It's nothing short of a game changer for the sport.


      Origin is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu apparel company founded in Maine, USA.

      Known for their minimalist, clean-cut designs, Origin gis and gear stand out for their high quality construction but lack of flashy embroidery or loud branding.

      Origin is praised for excellent customer service and ethical, environmentally friendly business practices. While catering more toward casual hobbyists, Origin's focus on flawless quality control and simplicity has made their gis and apparel popular with BJJ purists and traditionalists seeking high-performance gear without unnecessary flair.

      Featured Gi

      nano pearl comp gi

      As a long-time BJJ practitioner, I’m always searching for a lightweight, durable gi that can stand up to intense daily training. After testing the Origin Nano Pearl Comp for several months, I can firmly say this gi ticks all the boxes to become one of my new favorite uniforms.

      The 440gsm weave fabric makes the Nano Pearl incredibly light while retaining the jacket’s structure and resistance to gripping and pulling. The material gets softer with every wash while showing minimal shrinkage or fraying issues.

      Origin’s seamless pant design also proves to be a game changer. It completely removes any irritation, chafing or restriction when grappling. I honestly forget I’m wearing them sometimes.

      As expected, the Origin aesthetic is free of any unnecessary embellishments or flair. For those that favor a traditional, clean-cut look, the Nano Pearl is perfect.

      At $198, the Nano Pearl costs a bit more than some other mid-range gis, but provides an ideal blend of durability and everyday comfort. 

      This gi's combination of straightforward design, expert construction, and top-tier function makes it a great choice for hobbyist and professional jiu-jitsu athletes.


      Gr1ps BJJ is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and athletic apparel brand.

      Gr1ps BJJ draws inspiration from the founders' proud Italian heritage and passion for BJJ. The brand offers a wide selection of BJJ gis, rash guards, shorts, and other training gear featuring bold designs and premium fabrics.

      From their clean, modern look to their traditional Italian details, gr1ps BJJ delivers innovative gear steeped in heritage. The brand has quickly gained a loyal following in the global BJJ community.

      Featured Gi

      BJJ GI Armadura 2.0 Competition

      After hearing all the hype around gr1ps' latest competition gi, I decided to pick up the Armadura 2.0 and put it to the test. Right out of the bag I was impressed.

      The jacket construction includes reinforced stress points and seam taping for maximum strength. I immediately noticed the perfect slim, tailored fit - not too baggy but allowing full range of motion.

      On the mats this gi performed flawlessly during intense training and competition. The jacket stayed sturdy and prevented opponents from establishing strong grips. The pants moved fluidly without restricting technique. Comfort is also a major plus, never hindering movement or overheating.

      At $199 the Armadura 2.0 has a moderate price point in line with other high end gis.

      For competitors seeking every advantage during tournaments, the mix of performance, durability, comfort and styling makes this an exceptional choice worth the investment.

      Gr1ps hit a home run with this competition gi - I'd recommend it to any BJJ athlete looking to elevate their game.


       Manto is a premier BJJ and MMA apparel brand founded in Warsaw. 

      Their product range covers all BJJ apparel from gis to rash guards and accessories, available in traditional styles as well as colorful designs and limited editions.

      Their gis incorporate features like rubberized collars, ripstop cuffs, and flexible pearl weave cloth to optimize for athletic performance, comfort, and longevity.

      Manto has cultivated an avid following in the BJJ community by offering impeccably constructed gear designed to meet the demanding needs of Jiu Jitsu athletes.

      Featured Gi

      manto x4

      Having worn through cheap gis quickly in the past, I decided to invest in a premium gi from Manto.

      Their new X4 model immediately caught my attention with its slick design. After taking it for a hard test run through training, the X4 exceeded my expectations.

      The jacket is perfectly tailored with just enough room to allow full mobility without hindering your opponent's grips. It's strong and durable yet light, keeping me cool even during intense rolls.

      What sets the X4 apart is Manto's attention to detail. The embroidered logos and hook-and-loop back patch add stylish flair.

      After a month of heavy use the gi still looks brand new thanks to the quality materials. For serious BJJ athletes looking for a durable competition gi, the Manto X4 is a phenomenal choice.

      At $117 it's priced similarly to other gis but delivers better functionality, resilience, and athletic cut. design isn't IBJJF legal, it looks incredibly sharp.

      I couldn't recommend the X4 more to maximize your performance on the mats


      93brand is a New York-based BJJ gear and apparel company founded in 2011 by a group of grapplers who noticed a gap in the BJJ gear market.

      Frustrated by the lack of quality and durability from both low-cost and premium BJJ brands, 93brand launched in 2012 with the goals of offering creatively designed BJJ gis and no-gi gear that exceeded durability standards of higher-priced competitors while maintaining a more affordable price point.

      The name 93brand is a tribute to the year 1993, when Royce Gracie competed in the first UFC tournament and introduced Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to mainstream American audiences. As New Yorkers inspired by those early UFC events to start BJJ, the founders felt 1993 held significance for spreading BJJ in the US.

      Since their start, 93brand has aimed to provide well-constructed BJJ gis and rashguards in unique designs and at affordable prices. They stand behind their products with exceptional customer service and modifications for different body types.

      While a smaller company, 93brand fills an important niche in the BJJ gear market for those seeking durability, style, and value.

      Featured Gi

      GOOSE OG Jiu Jitsu Gi

      The Goose OG gi from 93brand offers a solid combination of durability, comfort, and classic BJJ style.

      Constructed with a 500 GSM pearl weave cotton jacket and 12oz canvas cotton pants, this gi is built to withstand the rigors of daily training. The jacket features reinforced knees and a thick EVA foam collar for comfort and support during rolling or stand-up grappling.

      I appreciate the clean, unbleached natural cotton accents on the cuffs, skirt, and collar which provide a more traditional, unprocessed look. The pants include multiple belt loops for securing your belt, a stretch drawstring, and a directly printed inner waist patch that avoids abrasion from embroidery.

      The fit is roomy but not overly baggy. After several weeks of training, the gi has maintained its shape and durability with minimal shrinking. The embroidery and labels have also held up perfectly despite multiple washes.

      For the price point, around $140, the Goose OG offers excellent quality and craftsmanship. 93brand cut no corners on the materials and construction.

      The only downside is the gi may feel a bit stiff at first compared to ultra-soft pearl weave gis. Overall, I would highly recommend the Goose OG, especially for anyone seeking an durable, old-school styled BJJ gi at a reasonable cost.

      The quality rivals that of brands charging nearly twice as much.

      Bad Boy

      Bad Boy is a premium martial arts and boxing gear and apparel brand.

      Bad Boy aims to provide high quality fightwear and equipment for various combat sports including MMA, BJJ, boxing, Muay Thai, and more. They are known for their edgy, urban styled designs often incorporating skulls, chains, and distressing. Some of Bad Boy's most popular products include their boxing and MMA gloves, shorts, hoodies, and shin guards.

      The brand prides itself on using cutting-edge technical fabrics and construction methods for optimal performance and durability.

      Bad Boy sponsors many top MMA and boxing athletes to showcase their products. While mainly targeting men with their rugged aesthetic, Bad Boy also offers female fightwear lines.

      Overall, the Bad Boy brand established itself over the past two decades as a leading provider of fight gear for combat sport athletes seeking both style and function.

      Featured Gi

      legacy master bjj

      Here is a review of the Bad Boy Legacy Master BJJ Gi: As expected from Bad Boy, the Legacy Master gi lives up to the brand's reputation for high quality and innovative fightwear.

      This BJJ gi features an ultra-durable 550 GSM Gold Weave cotton jacket that strikes the perfect balance of being lightweight yet nearly impenetrable for opponents to grip. The inner mesh lining also provides superior breathability during intense rolls.

      I immediately noticed the reinforced stitching and lapel thickness which allows this gi to withstand years of hardcore training and competition. The Eva foam collar provides just the right amount of cushioning without being overly rigid.

      The Rip Stop pants feel tough enough to hold up to any submission attempt or scramble while the neoprene drawstring ensures a secure fit. The embroidery and patches are meticulously applied as Bad Boy's signature mark of quality. After a few weeks of testing, the Legacy Master gi shows zero signs of wear, tearing, or stretching out.

      No surprises given Bad Boy's reputation, but this gi still manages to exceed expectations for both its lifespan and performance. While the Legacy Master sits at a premium price point $218, devoted BJJ practitioners will find excellent value in this investment.

      This is a competition-ready gi meant to be your go-to uniform for years to come.

      I highly recommend the Legacy Master for those willing to pay a little extra for the proven Bad Boy standard of excellence.

      CTRL Industries

      CTRL Industries is a BJJ and MMA lifestyle brand with a mission to create high quality gear that represents the spirit of Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

      CTRL looks to embody the balance, discipline, and attention to detail reflected in the gentle art. The CTRL name refers to the importance of control in grappling, as nothing can be accomplished without it.

      CTRL brings a clean and minimalist design aesthetic to its lineup of gis, rashguards, shorts, and other training apparel. Using high-end materials and construction, the company strives to make gear that can withstand the rigors of daily training.

      With its straight-forward style and focus on the fundamentals, CTRL Industries looks to promote the lifestyle of jiu-jitsu while also creating stylish yet functional products. The brand's motto "CTRL is everything" captures their belief in the significance of control and discipline within Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

      Featured Gi


      CTRL Industries continues to impress with the Fluid Classic gi. As expected, this gi features CTRL’s characteristically clean, minimalist style with exceptional construction and materials.

      The 420 GSM pearl weave jacket provides a smooth, comfortable feel that is sturdy enough for both training and competition. The lightweight material didn’t hinder movement or breathing during rolls and the jacket maintained its shape nicely.

      The twillstop pants feel durable while also offering great stretch and airflow. I appreciate the eye for detail with the metallic gold embroidery branding, which provides a subtle accent.

      After a few training sessions, the gi continues to look and feel brand new with no signs of wear. As with all CTRL gear, the Fluid Classic gi offers incredible quality and performance that matches or exceeds far more expensive gis on the market.

      For CTRL fans or anyone looking for a new go-to BJJ uniform, the Fluid Classic is an excellent choice. The minimalist aesthetic, premium materials, and precise construction exemplify why CTRL Industries remains one of the premier BJJ lifestyle brands. At around $180, the value is unmatched.

      Keiko Raca

      Keiko Raca is a Brazilian BJJ and sportswear brand that has been operated since 1988.

      Founded with a focus on manufacturing quality athletic garments, Keiko Raca initially produced gear for other major brands until launching their own BJJ kimono line in 1995.

      Made completely in Brazil, Keiko Raca prides itself on seeking out the latest textile technologies to deliver high performance kimonos with superior comfort.

      Over the past 25+ years, the brand has grown into one of the most well-known and respected BJJ gear companies worldwide through continuous innovation and their commitment to sponsoring events and athletes across the globe.

      As a longtime member of the BJJ community, Keiko Raca strives to support the sport's growth while providing their customers with durable and comfortable kimonos perfect for training and competition.

      Featured Gi

      keiko gold weave

      As expected from Keiko Raca, the Gold Weave gi lives up to its reputation as one of the toughest and most durable kimonos on the market.

      Constructed with an incredibly thick 550 GSM double weave cotton, this gi is nearly impossible for opponents to establish strong grips on. The heavy jacket also maintains its rigid structure through years of intense training and washing.

      I immediately noticed the impeccable construction quality with precise stitching, reinforced seams, and a rope drawstring that stays securely tied. The trim and embroidery provide just the right accents without being overdone.

      The pant fabric withstands constant wear and abrasion during training while offering a comfortable fit. I also appreciate the pre-shrunk fabric which minimizes shrinking after washing.

      After several weeks of use, the Gold Weave gi shows no signs of tearing, stretching, or wear despite multiple sessions per week. It still looks and feels stiff and solid like the first time I unboxed it.

      At around $180, the Gold Weave sits at a premium price point but is an excellent long-term investment for serious BJJ practitioners. Keiko Raca ensures this gi will withstand the test of time on the mats.

      I highly recommend the Gold Weave for those looking for Keiko's legendary bombproof construction.


      Ronin BJJ is a martial arts gear brand founded in 1980 by Kinji San and based in Brooklyn, New York.

      As an established martial arts supplier since 1976, Kinji San created the Ronin label to provide quality yet affordable judo and jiu-jitsu uniforms. Ronin BJJ pioneered designs with extra stitching for reinforcement and used thick canvas material for comfort and durability.

      Over the past 40+ years, Ronin has become internationally recognized among martial arts practitioners for their well-constructed gis and gear at reasonable prices.

      Ronin continues to supply kimonos and training equipment for various disciplines including BJJ, judo and karate.

      As an early innovator in martial arts wear, Ronin Brand establishes itself as a trusted staple brand by offering students, competitors, and instructors an excellent combination of quality, value and traditional uniform construction.

      Featured Gi

      ronin samurai ghost

      The Ronin Samurai Ghost gi is a stunning limited edition uniform that uniquely blends traditional BJJ style with modern design elements.

      Right away, the light charcoal black dye gives the gi a stealthy look that will fade to an aged marble effect over time and washes.

      The 450 GSM pearl weave fabric strikes the perfect balance of being lightweight for training yet substantial enough for competition. The precise triple stitching and EVA collar foam provide the excellent construction Ronin is known for.

      I particularly love the custom Samurai-inspired patches, embroidery and artwork designed exclusively for this gi by Meerkatsu. From the Chrysanthemum crest to the vintage print inside the jacket, these special touches elevate the gi into a collectible piece.

      After training in the Samurai Ghost, the durable materials show no signs of wear or tearing despite the gi's lightweight feel. It fits true to size but leaves room for easy movement.

      For under $170, the Samurai Ghost offers tremendous value by blending Ronin's trademark quality with unique artwork celebrating both traditional BJJ style and Japanese heritage.

      This would make a special addition to any grappler's gi rotation.


      Vulkan BJJ was founded in 2002 in Brazil with the ambitious goal of revolutionizing the Jiu Jitsu gi market.

      Under the leadership of founder and CEO Matheus Costa, the company sought to create gis that were not only durable and comfortable, but also exceptionally lightweight.

      In 2004, Vulkan made a splash by introducing their first Pro-Light gi, which quickly became a benchmark for the industry with its innovative blend of strength, breathability and freedom of movement.

      Just a few years later in 2009, Vulkan again raised the bar by releasing what was at the time the lightest gi on the market - the pioneering Ultra-Light model. With these groundbreaking products, Vulkan established itself as a leader in lightweight gi technology and pioneered the concept within the Jiu Jitsu world.

      True to its Brazilian roots, Vulkan operates its own factory in Brazil to manufacture its extensive product catalog. Beyond the renowned Pro and Ultra collections, the company offers Special Edition, Limited Edition and Exclusive Fit gis as well.

      The company has leveraged Brazil's deep history with Jiu Jitsu, which was brought to the country over 100 years ago by Mitsuo Maeda and subsequently popularized by the Gracie family.

      Vulkan was one of the first brands to introduce gis into the United States market in the late 1980s and early 1990s, helping spur the growth of the sport well before the advent of UFC.

      Across its innovative product line, Vulkan refuses to compromise on quality. By paying meticulous attention to detail and consistency, the company has built a reputation for exceeding customer expectations and cementing its status as a leader in the Jiu Jitsu community.

      Featured Gi

      ULTRA Light NEO Jiu Jitsu Gi

      I'm always on the lookout for gis that balance durability, comfort and performance. The Ultra Light Neo Gi by Vulkan delivers on all fronts.

      Weighing only 2.5 lbs, it lives up to its name with an incredibly lightweight feel that gives you unmatched freedom of movement on the mat.

      The pearl weave material is smooth and relatively thin, but deceptively sturdy. I've worn this gi for months now and it shows little sign of wear - no tears, fraying or loose threads.

      The ripstop reinforcements also add an extra layer of resilience at stress points like the knees, armpits and lapel.

      Fit is another high point of this gi. I have an athletic build and the A1L size contours my body perfectly while allowing full range of motion. The pants are a nice tapered fit with a stretch gusset at the crotch for flexibility.

      For hot summer training, the breathability of the jacket is superb. It's much cooler than some of my other gis thanks to the lightweight, well-ventilated fabric. The moisture wicking qualities are also top-notch, helping keep me dry even during intense rolls.

      With its vibrant white colorway, modern neo label and clean styling, this gi has a slick, contemporary look that really appeals to me. But it's the functionality and performance that make it a daily favorite.

      At $129.98, it's not cheap but worth every penny for BJJ enthusiasts demanding both world-class quality and featherweight feel.


      Hypnotik was once one of the most ubiquitous and popular BJJ gi brands on the market, with their eye-catching designs being sported by grapplers everywhere. However, in recent years the brand has experienced a noticeable dip in prominence and availability. While Hypnotik is still in business today, the brand has gone through significant changes.

      After a period of the company unexpectedly shutting down operations, Hypnotik was acquired under new ownership and relaunched. With this transition, Hypnotik consolidated its operations under the website USFightstore rather than maintaining its own dedicated site. The product lineup was also streamlined - once popular offerings like Hypnotik's pure hemp gi appear to have been discontinued.

      While USFightstore continues to sell core Hypnotik gear like gis, rashguards and spats, the brand has lost the widespread visibility it commanded at its peak. The smaller product catalog coupled with the lack of Hypnotik's own brand website have contributed to a lower profile compared to years past.

      In many ways, Hypnotik serves as a cautionary tale of how quickly even well-known brands can decline in the BJJ space when ownership and strategy changes. The new management appears to be working to revive Hypnotik to some degree, but faces challenges recapturing the brand's former glory.

      While still operational, Hypnotik is a markedly less dominant force compared to its heyday when it was seemingly omnipresent on the mats.

      Featured Gi

      hypnotik vortex vers 2.0

      Having worn and reviewed countless gis over the years, I'm always skeptical when a brand claims their latest model is "premium" or "high performance."

      But I have to say, the Vortex Vers 2.0 lives up to Hypnotik's billing and then some. From the materials to construction to fit and finish, this gi delivers on all fronts.

      The moment you put on the jacket, the midweight 450 GSM pearl weave cotton envelops you in instant comfort. It's pliable yet substantial, with that unmistakable broken-in feel right off the shelf. The pants are a durable cotton twill that's much sturdier than comparable gis, but with plenty of stretch for full range of motion.

      In terms of durability, Hypnotik pulls no punches - reinforcements amp up the longevity at the stress points while resisting tears or premature wear. The lapel is stiffened with wrapped EVA foam and the clean IBJJF-approved styling looks sharp in white.

      The athletic cut hugs the body without restricting mobility, with just the right amount of roominess in the shoulders and legs.

      I'm 5'10'', 165 lbs and the A2 fits me flawlessly. The minimal shrinkage also ensures the dialed-in size remains consistent.

      At $119, the Vortex Vers 2.0 punches above its price point. The noticeable step up in materials, construction and fit delivers a premium feel and performance ideal for intense training and competition.

      Hypnotik has a real winner with this gi - it's quickly become my go-to for any time I hit the mats.

      Break Point

      Break Point FC was created out of a shared passion for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu by its founders, who were well aware of the common difficulties in finding high quality gis with a proper fit.

      Guided by a commitment to quality craftsmanship and customer service, the Break Point team aims to continually refine their products based on feedback from the wider Jiu Jitsu community.

      At a time when many premium gi brands have increased their prices while experiencing a decline in the quality of materials and construction, Break Point has bucked the trend. They produce premium gis that truly live up to that label, while maintaining reasonable prices compared to competitors.

      Rather than cutting corners, Break Point leverages its direct feedback loop with customers to engineer gis that excel in design, fit, comfort and durability. The result is a product line optimized for the realities of intense Jiu Jitsu training and competition.

      According to enthusiasts, you only need to wear a Break Point gi for one practice session to feel the difference compared to other brands. By sticking to their foundational values of quality, fit and customer experience, Break Point has carved out a niche for itself in a crowded market.

      Featured Gi

      break point academy gi

      The Break Point Academy gi lives up to its billing as a lightweight and comfortable uniform that can withstand the rigors of daily training.

      As soon as I put it on, the 380GSM pearl weave jacket felt pleasantly light and airy - a welcome change from some of the heavier, stiffer gis in my rotation. The traditional styling looks sharp and the cord drawstring allows easy adjustments, while the pant material provides a perfect balance of durability, breathability and flexibility.

      Despite its featherweight feel, this gi shows no signs of wear after a month of frequent use. The stitching remains intact and the jacket material has not developed any holes or tears even after hard sparring. True to size, the athletic cut contours the body for unrestricted mobility without feeling overly baggy or tight.

      For both recreational and competitive grapplers alike, the Break Point Academy gi delivers an ideal blend of lightweight performance, understated traditional looks and durable construction.

      It's quickly become a favorite for hot summer training sessions when keeping cool is a priority. While reasonably priced, $99 it has the feel and performance of a more expensive gi. If you're seeking lightweight comfort without sacrificing quality, the Break Point Academy gi is a phenomenal value.